I’m Lawson Clarke.




I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Is he serious with this shit?” Let me assure you, I am very serious with this shit.  But then again you have to be serious when you’re a freelance copywriter/creative director.

Okay, let’s cut right to it.  What do you want to know?

Where I’ve worked full time?  Okay, that’s a fair question.  I recently worked at Hill Holliday in Boston.  I’ve also worked at Arnold Worldwide, BBDO West and Clarke Goward Advertising.  Yeah, that’s right, my daddy owned it. Now I work for all sorts of different agencies.  Go ahead name one.  Okay, name another.  Now two more.  I have worked at three of those places.

You want to talk about education? Of course you don’t, but I’m a Bostonian so I’m going to bring it up anyway.  I went to Occidental College.  Ever heard of it? Well, President Barack Obama has because he went there for TWO whole years!  I also graduated from Boston University with an MFA in film.

I told you I was serious.

Hope you like what you see.  

I love you.